Effective way of Doing Directory Submissions

Prepare different titles, descriptions and keywords with the list of keywords you have chosen from the Keyword Research. All should be unique and looks good in visitors point of view. Go through the web and select different directories from blogs, forums and web and make list of good directories. Now create a mail id like Name@domain.com. Use This mail id while doing submissions instead of using free mail id. It helps little in getting links.

Now start doing submissions in all the directories. Keep a track of everything in a excel sheet that when you have submitted, confirmed and when the directory ownerapproved. Once you done with all submissions. Daily check the mails that from which directories you have got the links. Make a list of directories which are rejected and not approved.

For all the rejected directories go through the terms and conditions of their directories and change the title, descriptions as per their requirement and post again. For the directories which are not approved wait for 6 months from the date of submission and then submit again. If you got approval from good page rank directories then you will get increase in your page rank in the next Google page rank update.

Once your page rank increased start submitting again your site in the un approved directories. Few directories will approve only the sites which have good page rank. Now you just check search engine rankings for the list of keywords which are used in the submissions. obviously you will get your site in the search results for those keywords. This is the way of doing directory submissions in the right way.

Pros :
* Increase Page Rank
* Search Engine Rankings
* Good Traffic

Cons :
* Taking Long time for approval
* Less standard directories
* Less approvals

Points to remember:

* Use domain mail id
* Submit in the right category
* Submit in the directories which have page rank more than Zero
* Don't submit in bad directories even they have good page rank.

If you are following this process that's so good. Keep doing the same. If not change your way of doing to get good search engine results and as well as good page rank. If i am wrong please correct me. Please feel free to comment your views, questions and thoughts.

Note : I know that his article describes about very simple things regarding directory submissions, However the reason for writing this article is most of the link builders,especially freshers doing link building in an arrogant way. It results less page rank and zero search engine rankings.


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Great work Kandarp. Keep it up.

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