Top 8 Myths of Search Engine Optimization

Myth 1: Automatic SEO tools are helpful and cheap solution
 Do you actually think that there is something which will let you relax and make lot of money without doing anything? It is just like any business where you have to put time and ability effectively. Search engine and many websites know that this is an automated submission and not a regular one.

Myth 2:  objects the Meta Keyword and Alt Tags with keywords 
 Well search engine looks Meta tags only for reference; they in reality do not use them for any ranking. Similarly putting some   description in alt tags is important, but stuffing keywords is highly discouraged. These alt tags are meant for slow speed   connections or in cases where images are not loaded, so showing your staffed keywords will not be beneficial at that time.

Myth 3:  Fill your website with loads of text in small fonts
Well this technique no longer works, search engine are now intelligent enough for these tricks. There are webmasters who   changes the fonts of H1, H2 tags in CSS , but believe me, search engines knows the font style and give preferences   accordingly.  Also be away from invisible texts and links.

Myth 4:  Cloaking is a good idea
A “cloaked” page is a page that shows one thing to the user and another to the search engines.  Again, because the search   engines want valuable content provided to the user, they may devalue or even drop your site altogether if they spot this   technique.

Myth 5:  Don’t hire SEO experts; just let your “web guy” do it
Would you let your accountant create your website? Then why are you letting your web guy to do SEO, There are many complex strategies and processes involved in doing good SEO which needs lot of experience and knowledge  and I have seen many web guys leading websites to be banned by doing hit and trial methods.

Myth 6: PPC ads help/hurt SEO.
 Many people believe that running Google AdWords can affect organic rankings of their site. Some believe it will bring their   site up, some believe it will bring their site down.  PPC ads have nothing to do with SEO and have no influence on organic   rankings.

Myth 7 :  You must update your website frequently. 
Some of the highest ranking websites in Google haven’t been updated in years. Frequent updates will probably increase the   search engine crawl rate but won’t help your website rank better. If your site doesn’t need a change, don’t change it. Focus on   quality of pages.

Myth 8 : Your site will be banned if you buy links.
There is no efficient way to figure out whether the link is paid or not. Even if they somehow figure it out, they won’t ban   the entire site. It would be silly to ban entire websites because of few advertisements. Search Engine won’t count those links.

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Paul Angela Backlinks

In Current time everyone who owns a website is frantically trying to build a large number of Backlinks to it so that their industry will rank better in the search engines and get more traffic and profits. People are selling links, purchasing links, putting comments on blogs and forums just to doing link building in various ways and some are even resorting to black hat SEO techniques to get a lot of links overnight, but many of these people are wasting their time. Why?

Because of the same result that is got by investing a lot of time and effort to build thousands of links on small websites that agree to link to your site in swap for an article or money can be achieved by placing just a small amount of links on some high PR authority websites that weight a lot in the search engine’s point of view. So why spend your time and money on link building campaigns that aren’t even sure to carry you success, when you have such a easy and affordable alternative at hand – the Paul and Angela backlinks!

Paul Johnson & Angela Edwards are two link building experts that connected forces and they have establish a method to get really good links on high authority sites without doing much effort – you just have to register on these sites and include the URL you are targeting on your profile page – this will get you a so called “Paul and Angela” link.

Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines are indexing these pages really fast and links on them are very imperative to SE’s, so the Paul and Angela technique of building backlinks is measured by many to be a very good SEO method.
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Social Media Optimization - Traffic Alternative to Google

The phrase Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very popular phrase in Internet world. It is a new traffic option to Google. It provides option to boost more traffic and business through social media networks.

Definition: SMO is easy to link technique using social media sources like social networking, blogs, social bookmarking, Videos, and media sharing websites,. It is the finest traffic alternative to Google, yahoo, Msn and many more well-liked search engines.

The main target of marketing is to increase more and more business by exposing their products and services to the interested consumers. The social networks are much known now and billions of people have joined and using it. The area or group inside the social networks attracts interested peoples to join it and through community we can attract visitors and let them know about our products and services.
It is also very simple as compare to SEO. No need of on-page and off-page optimization. Only few associated tags, a very attractive title with description and good content on the page that attract people to visit the page. If the content is really good, then you will get more advantages here. You have to make community or join community and invite friends and colleagues to come and join your community to make community more crowdie and visible.

It also gives traffic without paying a single penny and also if your website is fresh or has no good ranked in search engines then you have still probability to obtain traffic on your website through social networks.
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Keyword research tips for your pay per click campaign

Before one month I had posted information and tips about PPC. When you go for pay per click advertisement as an advertiser then first you have to decide a proper pay per click search engine. Go to them and trial with free sing up. There are two characters play function in pay per click advertisement management. One is Advertiser and another is publisher.

When an advertiser prepares to advertise his ads online or via pay per click advertisement system, he has to select PPC search engines and after this first step has to analyse the keywords for pay per click campaign.

Keywords are the foundation to successful pay per click marketing. Keywords are your investment in PPC. You bid or invest money in a keyword, expecting a return on your money. Consider this - all your ads and landing pages are based on your keyword choices. Choose the right keywords in your starting line-up and you've got increased traffic and increased quality of traffic, the wrong keywords and the rest of your marketing goes down the tube as well.

Have you heard something about KEI- keyword effectiveness index? The KEI of a keyword is a way of determining which keywords are right for your website based on popularity and competitiveness. Only pay per click campaign can tell you which keywords might be most profitable. If you get a lot of click-through a certain keyword that should tell that you can attract traffic for that keyword. As a new advertiser you will get all these helps regarding keyword research for pay per click campaign from various search engines, they provide useful keyword analyse tools.

How to analyse keywords with search engines?

Keyword analyse with Google Adword's tool. There is so many free and paid keyword analyser tools, but using Google's adword research tool is your best bet to make decisions based on Google.

1. First you have to create an account with Google AdWord free.
2. Set up a pay-per-click account.
3. Run a campaign with your selected keywords.
4. Measure the results. To have real measurements, you must do the test for at least a week. Analytics tools will help you figure out how much time visitors spend on your web site, which pages they spend time on and from which pages they leave.
5. If you get unsatisfactory for you results, find and test more keywords. The biggest measurement for the results is what you get back versus to your investments. If you get a double return on your investment, your keywords are working good. If you spent $150 on pay-per-click during your test week and got back $50, research and test more keywords for better result.
Stay on touch.... i will come back soon with more tips how to measure the keywords for pay per click campaign...
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Seo Link Vine Analyze – How Does ir work?

Would you like to learn how to optimize search engine Vine Link network work? It is essentially a distribution service whose purpose is to guide that can help a salesperson to generate more visitors by creating new links back to their sites.

* What Precisely is SeoLinkVine?
It can be a completely new web community created by the application, marketing specialist Brad Callen, and involves a new community of different sites to create backlinks to subscribers. This diversification of new backlinks still occurs it is very effective at this time.

* Why Is It Far better To implement the Search engine marketing Link Vine Program to Crank out Rear Back links On your Internet websites?
Needless to say that each of the processes occurring SeoLinkVine to use automatic can be completed manually, like putting the content of their writing quality in hundreds of directories and links to the World-Wide-Web. That said, it will take time and effort to successfully complete if done manually. With opponents using this form of automation solutions, is very easy to delay the individual will not catch up with the latest technology.

* What Can SeoLinkVine Do Available For You?
Website Positioning Hyperlink Wines is designed to help you distribute content automatically and produce a lot of quality incoming links back to your websites in a few hours. There is a community of over 10,000 blogs, search engines make, we found the service to get my business web a lot and I recommend it.

* How Is SeoLinkVine Distinct from Other Back again Linking Alternatives Inside Sector?
This Blog has a whole new network of blogs that offer great diversity hyperlink to all customers.
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