Increase your website/Blog visibility with Search Engine Submission Service!

Want to have your blog or website visible to all major search engines? Then you need to work harder and use search engine optimization services. This can be done by you or outsourced to other firms or individuals. The choice depends on the size of your site or level of expertise. Professionals are better left doing it than trying to learn by yourself. This way you can get more time to get your content and perform other duties. Search engine submission involves;

Registering to All the Major Search Engines Worldwide Manual Submission of Your Web Site to the search engines Resubmitting your site from time to time to Ensure Accuracy & Inclusion Search Engine Submission determines how to rank you on their system after considering other factors.

Website or blog submission is the first step to ensure its exposed naturally to other online users. How this is done is extremely important because it determines if you get included or not on their databases.

As a professional web developer and administrator, I can confidently say this doesn’t guarantee a good ranking; other tweaks work better to ensure a good result is realized. This involves using article marketing methods to get more links pointing to your website, using highly sought keywords in your pages is also a sure way to call for more attention from the Search engine systems. This is because they consider not one item in deciding how popular you are on the web but many.

Proper and professional Search Engine Submission guarantees for Online Success. This means you get more traffic that is targeted which in most cases don’t fly by night. This is explained by the traffic being naturally diverted to you unlike on those paid traffics which are forced to your site and disappear when you stop paying for them. A good SEO and internet marketing ensures you rise everyday increasing both traffic and revenue from your website or blog.
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DoFollow Blog - Build Links, Get Traffic, and Improve Your Google Rankings

Out of all the tasks related to Search Engine Optimization, link building is probably the most important one. Do-Follow blogs are one of the most incredible opportunities to get links to your website, traffic, and boost your search engine rankings.

What is a Do-Follow Link?

Some websites assign a nofollow tag to some links. That is a message to the search engines saying "I don't trust this link, don't count it". Most blogs use this tag to protect themselves from people posting spam comments all the time. If the links don't count, spammers don't waste their time there.

But not all blogs are "no-follow", some are "do-follow", which, as you can imagine, is the exact opposite.

How Can You Find DoFollow Blogs?

These are some of my favorite resources to find them:

Comment Hunt (

Do Follow Blogs (

Stephan Miller's Website (

Squidoo DoFollow List (

And last, but not least, there is Fast Blog Finder (, an amazing software that lets you find dofollow blogs and sort them by Page Rank.

The Kind of Blogs You Need to Find

Your goal here is to find 10-20 blogs that meet this criteria:

- Have dofollow links for comments (you can use the SEObook toolbar ( to highlight nofollow links)

- Have a Page Rank of 3 or more

- Have several comments for each post written (this indicates high readership)

How to Post Comments

99% of the blog comments are moderated. If you post a spam message, it will be removed. So don't. Write something useful related to the post. The blog owner is giving you a link, so be kind enough to make a useful contribution to his blog.

Some blogs will allow you to put a keyword in the name field. This is great because that will be the link's anchor text. This is any SEO's dream: a link from a quality website with the perfect anchor text. Don't always use the same anchor text; switch it up a bit to make the linking look more natural.
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What is keyword density

This may sound like a very basic question for those who have been in the Internet marketing business for a while now however I do believe it is a question which appears very frequently on internet marketing forums, such as digital point.

So, what exactly is keyword density?

Keyword density is the ratio between the amount of keywords on a web page against the overall amount of text displayed on that same page.

Take this piece of text for example

SEO is one slice of the internet marketing pie. This pie helps to grow websites and enables them to take advantage of every area of the internet. SEO is one of these slices of internet marketing with SEO you are able to use on and off page SEO to impact your overall search engine rankings. When learnt SEO can be a highly valuable slice of internet marketing.

The main keyword in this piece of text is “SEO” and it appears 5 times within the whole section of text. Now if you take the overall amount of words in the piece of text, this being 67 words and do a small calculation.

5/67×100=7.5% keyword density. So “SEO” appears in the overall text 7.5% of the time that is your keyword density.

Generally you want to keep your keyword density between 5%-7% this keeps Google happy and ensures your site is not highlighted for keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is the technique of using one or more keywords excessively on a single page.

How will taking keyword density into consideration help my site in the search engines?

By optimising your articles with the right amount of keywords you are maximising the overall amount of keywords you can include in your article strengthening it against other similar articles on your competitor’s websites. Keyword density is something that is not highly talked about or acted out mainly due to the time it takes and also because the strength of optimising your article through using the right amount of keywords can vary.

In conclusion it is important to keep note of your keyword density, you don’t have to keep to an exact percentage however it’s important to be sure you are not excessively using keywords throughout your article.
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Google Caffeine

Google, one of the most used search engines is coming up with a new organization process that will make Google search engine faster for searchers as well as crawl the web faster therefore rankings to be updated faster. Many people are concerned about the changes and how it will affect their Search Engine Optimization. If you have a web site and are concerned about your ranking, speak with your SEO Consultant to review what changes are necessary to keep your ranking the same.

There are a couple of things that will change in Google. It's important that you take interest in these changes as they will have an effect, though in some cases small, on your Search Engine Optimization. The primary change that will be noticed is the speed at which Google will be able to update the rankings due to web site changes. With this new change you will need to adjust your Search Engine Optimization as follows: higher web site speed, no broken links, neighborhoods, and the overall quality of your web site. It's important that your SEO Consultant is aware of these changes and keeps your web site up to par.

In order to adjust your websites Search Engine Optimization so the ranking doesn't drop you must make sure that your website doesn't have any spam elements. In general your website would have a low ranking if there are spam elements in it, however, with the new Google Caffeine it will be easier to spot spam. Make sure that there isn't any invisible text or text close to the color of the background, keep it clean and simple. Have your SEO Consultant review the text and if there is any spam within your website.

Also, it's very important that the websites design and navigation are well organized. With good Search Engine Optimization, it's good to have a clean and easy to read website. It's important that not only searchers are able to navigate through the website smoothly, but also web spiders that will determine the ranking. A SEO Consultant will be able to review your navigation and make sure that all the pages work properly and it's easy to go from one page to another and back smoothly.

Another important point to good Search Engine Optimization that will come with the change is that you must review are the social bookmarks in the website. The more bookmark links you have to trusted and from trusted websites the better. In order to understand bookmark links speak with your SEO Consultant, they will be able to explain the best way to optimize your website with the appropriate social bookmark links.

Quality over quantity is the important thing to remember when it comes to using links to for better Search Engine Optimization. An SEO Consultant will assist you in finding the appropriate web sites that are perfect for input and output links. It's important that the sites that you are linked to are not spam sites or frowned upon sites by Google, as that will drop your rating.

Lastly, Google will rank sites higher if they are updated regularly. Outdated websites will be dropped in ranking. So, as your new Search Engine Optimization technique make sure that you put in constant updates in your website, depending on the type of website it is. If you use your website as an online store speak to your SEO Consultant about setting up a shopping cart with a space for reviews of your website, so its constantly updated by your customers. This way you will never fall behind on updates.

Overall, the change that will come with Google Caffeine will affect your web site primarily if you don't use the appropriate methods. Make sure that you use the right Search Engine Optimization methods, and that your SEO Consultant is aware of the changes and updates your web site as necessary. As always content is very important, however, now the importance is also the organization and easy accessible pages. Make sure that the web site is clean and organized and that you are using appropriate links. Aside from just a more organized and updated web site Google Caffeine will not have any effects, except a faster upload time of your updates.
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