Do follow Link Building.

Commenting on DoFollow Blogs can be a great way to generate free backlinks to your site. For those who don't know what DoFollow means, its basically a piece of coding that tells Google whether to value a backlink or not. For that reason, it is important to obtain links with the DoFollow code rather than NoFollow because these are the kind of backlinks that will have a positive effect on your search engine optimization.

Many use this blog commenting method as a form of web promotion but few actually understand some of the key concepts which actually make this process effective. For that reason I thought I would clear up a few points and hope many will utilize this method in the correct way in future efforts of search engine marketing.

The first point and by far the most important is making sure the blog is "DoFollow" otherwise you will be wasting your time. There are a few ways to do this, either use the tool known as "SEO for FireFox" (top search result on Google for those words so just copy and paste) which will tell you straight away whether a site uses that piece of code or not. Secondly you can select "view" on your web browser and then "page source" and then this will show you the HTML of the page. Do a browser search for the words "dofollow", if they are found you are in luck!

Secondly, you must be tactful to the site owner. Unless you leave a 3/4 sentence positive comment on their post that's RELEVANT, it will be a waste of time as the chances are it wont be published. Be responsive to their post and you will have a far greater chance.

Thirdly, try to subtly embed a few of your keywords in the comment as any backlink surrounded in content relevant key words will have a far greater effect on SEO. Don't do this really obviously otherwise the site owner will see your game and once again not publish your comment as a result.

Finally, no more than 20 a day. Google has some very advance spam bots and will literally blacklist you if it sees you spamming your link on millions of blog comments. Build your backlinks slowly and respectfully and Google will thank you for it! Thank you for reading my article on DoFollow Blog commenting, I hope you will find use in this and have a much more productive backlink generating session as a result!


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Blog commenting really is a good way to build links. But looking for blog that offer dofollow links on the comments section us just starting to become hard.

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