The Concept of Strategic SEO

Everybody talks about Search Engine Optimization as mindless link building. The most strategy you usually get is from selecting quality links or building link wheels. But there’s also the concept of strategy in SEO. When applied correctly this yields results better than anything else.
Here’s how it goes. You have to plan not just one site for which you will then build links but a network of sites that will target the whole market. There are many types of networks and really your imagination is the limit, but the most popular is a hierarchical or star network.
Imagine having one authority site that targets the whole market, such as “make money online” market. Such a site would be a big site that targets the biggest and broadest keywords.
Then you have a bunch of smaller sites that target sub niches. For example, SEO, affiliate marketing, list building and so on. Each of these sites would target mid to long tail keywords. And each of these sites would link to your main authority site.
Because you promote all of these sites equally, the combined authority of them would aggregate in your main site and it would be bumped up for whatever keywords you target tremendously.
If you want to take it even further, you can add yet another level of sites that would target long tail keywords and promote your second level (mid range keywords) sites.
You can of course interlink these sites, build link wheels however you want. The main advantage of this concept is that you build a network of solid sites (not a bunch of “thin” web 2.0 properties or articles) which results in a huge boost in the rankings even for the toughest keywords out there.
What is also important to understand that each of these sites, on every level, is a stand-alone money sites that brings revenue – they’re not just feeder sites for your main authority sites (although they serve that purpose at the same time).


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