Build Links and Promote website through Social Media

Social media plays a very important role in modern online marketing Search engines paying a lot of attention on social media marketing and it is believed to help to increase website reputation.

Promoting website and its services or products through social media is a better strategy than build links through link building. Here are specified few tips and tricks which will help you get the most from your campaigns

Twitter and Facebook
If you are really serious with developing a reliable social media campaign, Facebook and Twitter are websites that helps you. A most important thing to keep in mind is to commit to updating your profile pages. Nobody wants to follow those pages which are not regularly engages within the group. To get the most out of those sites, it is suggested that you post regularly to remain your brand in front of people’s eyes.

You have to take care about your post. Don’t just speak about talk about your company’s product and services but try to post related subjects and news in your industry. Try to engage your group and don’t be scare to post another websites links in your post.

Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking can make anchor text optimised links to a particular page of your website. Those links are usually low quality as far as links go and so they shouldn’t take up a huge amount of time in your link building efforts. They can be useful for sharing your link with others who are interested in the topics you write about, others may also choose to link to the content. Stumble upon is a good example; users can choose certain topics of interest and they can click stumble to land on a random page related to their interests.

The most powerful thing in social bookmarking is you can share your content with people actively seeking information relating to topics within your expertise.

Squidoo and Hub Pages
Squidoo lens and Hub Pages can give relevant backlinks to your site. This works really awesome if you make an informative post of related your industry.  These pages can build up a nice quantity of authority and the link back to your website could become precious.

YouTube video
You can embed Youtube videos on your website and get relevant traffic. You can also get YouTube’s own tracking statistics at no charge as well.

Create a specific text-optimized page for each youtube video on your website.

  • Surround the video with a description and link to your YouTube page with anchor text being the keywords   you would like to rank for.
  • Submit the same description to each video site (i.e. Yahoo! Video, Youtube, Google Video).
  • User Google Website Optimizer to help you determine which video works best. You can then set up Goals in Google Analytics and learn which video was the most successful. Create different variations of the video and then simply run a test using the free Google Website Optimizer and change nothing but the video on the different versions of the pages.


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