Keyword research tips for your pay per click campaign

Before one month I had posted information and tips about PPC. When you go for pay per click advertisement as an advertiser then first you have to decide a proper pay per click search engine. Go to them and trial with free sing up. There are two characters play function in pay per click advertisement management. One is Advertiser and another is publisher.

When an advertiser prepares to advertise his ads online or via pay per click advertisement system, he has to select PPC search engines and after this first step has to analyse the keywords for pay per click campaign.

Keywords are the foundation to successful pay per click marketing. Keywords are your investment in PPC. You bid or invest money in a keyword, expecting a return on your money. Consider this - all your ads and landing pages are based on your keyword choices. Choose the right keywords in your starting line-up and you've got increased traffic and increased quality of traffic, the wrong keywords and the rest of your marketing goes down the tube as well.

Have you heard something about KEI- keyword effectiveness index? The KEI of a keyword is a way of determining which keywords are right for your website based on popularity and competitiveness. Only pay per click campaign can tell you which keywords might be most profitable. If you get a lot of click-through a certain keyword that should tell that you can attract traffic for that keyword. As a new advertiser you will get all these helps regarding keyword research for pay per click campaign from various search engines, they provide useful keyword analyse tools.

How to analyse keywords with search engines?

Keyword analyse with Google Adword's tool. There is so many free and paid keyword analyser tools, but using Google's adword research tool is your best bet to make decisions based on Google.

1. First you have to create an account with Google AdWord free.
2. Set up a pay-per-click account.
3. Run a campaign with your selected keywords.
4. Measure the results. To have real measurements, you must do the test for at least a week. Analytics tools will help you figure out how much time visitors spend on your web site, which pages they spend time on and from which pages they leave.
5. If you get unsatisfactory for you results, find and test more keywords. The biggest measurement for the results is what you get back versus to your investments. If you get a double return on your investment, your keywords are working good. If you spent $150 on pay-per-click during your test week and got back $50, research and test more keywords for better result.
Stay on touch.... i will come back soon with more tips how to measure the keywords for pay per click campaign...


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