What is keyword density

This may sound like a very basic question for those who have been in the Internet marketing business for a while now however I do believe it is a question which appears very frequently on internet marketing forums, such as digital point.

So, what exactly is keyword density?

Keyword density is the ratio between the amount of keywords on a web page against the overall amount of text displayed on that same page.

Take this piece of text for example

SEO is one slice of the internet marketing pie. This pie helps to grow websites and enables them to take advantage of every area of the internet. SEO is one of these slices of internet marketing with SEO you are able to use on and off page SEO to impact your overall search engine rankings. When learnt SEO can be a highly valuable slice of internet marketing.

The main keyword in this piece of text is “SEO” and it appears 5 times within the whole section of text. Now if you take the overall amount of words in the piece of text, this being 67 words and do a small calculation.

5/67×100=7.5% keyword density. So “SEO” appears in the overall text 7.5% of the time that is your keyword density.

Generally you want to keep your keyword density between 5%-7% this keeps Google happy and ensures your site is not highlighted for keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is the technique of using one or more keywords excessively on a single page.

How will taking keyword density into consideration help my site in the search engines?

By optimising your articles with the right amount of keywords you are maximising the overall amount of keywords you can include in your article strengthening it against other similar articles on your competitor’s websites. Keyword density is something that is not highly talked about or acted out mainly due to the time it takes and also because the strength of optimising your article through using the right amount of keywords can vary.

In conclusion it is important to keep note of your keyword density, you don’t have to keep to an exact percentage however it’s important to be sure you are not excessively using keywords throughout your article.


Anonymous said...

Great points you have discussed here about keyword density but I just need to know that does this keyword density affects the page rank of the site ?

seo updates said...

Of course it is. Search engines will detect how many times the keywords is displayed in a web page. If your keywords in not found in meta tags,description,or in text that mean you didn't give importance.
So i am suggesting check every keyword density.

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