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This is a very common scenario: You spend time and effort to improve your rankings - perhaps you hire an SEO consultant. You see good results, more traffic, more sales. But suddenly, your rankings drop precipitously along with traffic and sales. You're no longer in the search engines' index and have zero rank for all your important keyword sets. You have the dreaded Google penalty.

Part of the confusion over Google penalty policy is not knowing what will cause a penalty. Another area of concern is what exactly Google's various punishments involve and how they are applied. Knowing how to avoid penalties entirely by only using above board optimization techniques is the best policy for every legitimate website owner to utilize.

Avoiding the many known penalty triggers will provide peace of mind and far better results in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Severe abuses of the Google search engine policies and terms of service can lead to outright banning of your website from the search engine giant. Because of that potentially devastating loss of revenue to your online business, it pays to use only the best search engine practices.

The question then, is what is considered a penalty, and how can you avoid being handed one.

Here is the tool from which you can find the penalty Level of Your site.

Google Penalty Checker

Powered by Li'l Engine's Google Penalty Checker


web designer said...

Its a great tool you have share Kandarp. Thanks for sharing nice tool.

get pregnant quickly said...

Great to see this tool. I am bit confuse with this tool. If i have a blog in blogspot or in wordpress then that tool checking value of main domain or my blog domain?

do follow blogs said...

Great tool to check penalty. I have check it for my blog.

SEO Consultant said...

I have used this tool and it works really well. This is really helpful for us to be able to promote sites more effectively. Thank you so much for sharing.

BMW said...

Hey this is really great thing about Penalty checker and all but How can we do the Fast and real SEO. I am actually beginner of SEo and wanna be the best in that. So guide me very well if you can.
SEO basics

seomoves said...

Hey guys, nice to see our tool being used, might you change the link info on this to

We are actually updating the tool to offer some better results.

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