SEO Glossary

Algorithm is a progaming process from which teach search engine to indexes contents.

Back links: A link pointing to a other sites web page.

Banned : means when search engine blocks your site.

Black HAT SEO: Black Hat SEO is a techniques to work against the guidelines of search engine.

Blog: Blog is an online diary with regular entries of commentary, description, events, or other materials.

Cache : It is a process when search engine cache webpages at indexing time.

Directory : Directory is where websites are group into categories with description by group of human editors.

Forum : Forums is made for the discussion on related topics.

Inbound links are links that point to your site from other web pages, also inbound links are important asset that can improve your site's PR (Page Rank).

Keyword is a word that search engine user use to find relevant web pages. It is also the term that captures the essence of the topic of a document.

Link bait or Link baiting is one of the great ways to get backlinks. This is something on your site that naturally attracts backlinks from other web pages.

Link Popularity is the number and the quality of the inbound links pointing to a given web page.

Meta keywords is a hidden HTML code pertaining to the web page content. It is now ignored by most of the search engines because search engine spammers have abused this tag.

Page Rank(PR) is an algorithm use by Google search engine to measure the authority or relevant importance of a web page.

Spam is a manipulation technique that violates search engine guidelines.

Traffic is the number of times a website is viewed by a unique visitor within a stipulated time.

Unethical SEO is a search engine optimization tactics which violates search engine TOS, term of service that can put a site at risk of being penalized or banned.


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